Introducing the Family Planning News Network


A media network dedicated to amplifying stories on family planning and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Family Planning News Network (FPNN) is a platform for reporting on family planning and reproductive health.


Are you passionate about reporting on the transformative power of family planning and reproductive health?

FPNN offers a dynamic platform for journalists, both seasoned professionals and emerging talents, to be alerted of reporting opportunities, media briefings, network activities, and fellowship programs. 




With editorial and financial support, as well as an extensive distribution audience, the Family Planning News Network (FPNN) provides a platform for reporting on family planning issues.

Featuring stories at the nexus of reproductive health and other international development disciplines, including climate, economic development and population, these offerings are intended for experienced and emerging journalists.

Media Fellowships

As part of its mission, FPNN will manage and maintain a fellowship program designed to support the coverage of topics related to FP and SHRH. A number of partner fellowship opportunities are available, including the ICFP Media Fellowship. 

Network Capacity & Reporting Opportunities

Additionally, FPNN will provide ad-hoc support and opportunities such as:

  • Funding opportunities for reporting trips
  • Opportunities to speak or host
  • Engagement opportunities in community campaign
  • Distribution of coverage in local and regional areas
  • Programming partnerships produced by FPNN

Media Briefings

Virtually and in person

Leading technical experts will provide background information to network journalists through short media briefings. 

Training & Advocacy

Journalists from the Network will have access to SMART Media Training Sessions to develop pitching, placing and distributing strategies for FP/SRHR stories. Support is provided in the use of mass media and storytelling to achieve specific advocacy objectives.

Learn more about FPNN

Launched at the 2022 ICFP, the Family Planning News Network (FPNN) is one of Gates Institute‘s global platforms.
FPNN features live interviews, panel discussions, in-the-field storytelling, and live report-outs around the world.