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The Family Planning News Network (FPNN) is building one of the most diverse and engaged media networks dedicated covering the power of family planning and reproductive health!

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What FPNN Offers to Members

The Family Planning News Network offers a robust platform for reporting on family planning and reproductive health topics. It is supported by both editorial and financial resources and reaches a broad audience through extensive distribution channels and media partnerships.

Featuring stories at the nexus of reproductive health and other international development disciplines, including climate, economic development and population, these offerings are intended for experienced and emerging journalists.

Media Fellowships

Part of the FPNN mission is to support journalists and content creators to report on the power of FP and SRHR. FPNN manages a fellowship program that fund members to attend ICFP 2025 and yearly reporting trips. A number of partner fellowship opportunities are available, including the ICFP Media Fellowship. 

Network Capacity & Reporting Opportunities

FPNN provides ad-hoc support and opportunities throughout the year including: 

  • Yearly reporting trips
  • Community Reporting Fund
  • Opportunities to speak or host a segment
  • Engagement opportunities in community campaigns
  • Distribution of coverage to a expansive audience
  • Programming partnerships produced by FPNN

Media Briefings

Leading technical experts will provide background information to network journalists through short media briefings – virtually and in person.

ICFP 2025, Bogota, Colombia

FPNN members will have special access to unique opportunities at the next ICFP taking place 3-6 Nov in Bogota, Colombia.

Training & Advocacy

FPNN Members will have access to SMART Media & Advocacy Training Sessions to help develop strategies for targeted placement of FP/SRHR stories.

The ultimate goal is to increase the use of mass media and storytelling to achieve specific advocacy objectives.

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