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Youth Subcommittee

The ICFP Youth Subcommittee brings together young people from around the world with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise to advance the sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice agenda.

The Youth Subcommittee organizes the ICFP Youth Pre-conference, which covers concepts around human rights, inclusivity, justice, identity diversity, and gender equity.

ICFP Youth Trailblazers

The ICFP Youth Trailblazers are a group of global youth leaders (aged 18-35) championing family planning and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) who have been recognized for their work with an ICFP Youth Trailblazer Award. This initiative began with an initial cohort of fifty ICFP Youth Trailblazers ahead of ICFP 2022. Applications are now open for the 2025 ICFP Youth Trailblazer!

AYSRHR Global Roadmap for Action

Launched at ICFP 2022 in Pattaya City, Thailand, the Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Global Roadmap for Action (AYSRHR GRA) is a growing coalition comprised of 40+ youth-led organizations and collectives, and a robust platform for implementing a youth vision for sexual and reproductive health and rights, co-created and led by youth.

Youth are a driving force behind ICFP.

According to the results of the ICFP 2022 Participant Feedback Survey, the vast majority of respondents (93.2%) reported that ICFP plays a “significant role” in increasing the visibility and engagement of youth advocates in family planning.

ICFP offers a multitude of engagement pathways for youth involved or interested in any area of family planning and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

Explore all the ways youth are leading the movement toward universal access to family planning through the initiatives above!

ICFP 2022 Youth Pre-conference Registrants

ICFP 2022 Youth Trailblazer Award Winners

Organizations Comprising the AYSRHR GRA

See What ICFP Young People Are Saying!

“ICFP 2022 was such a life-altering event. I traveled outside of India for the first time ever, interacted with so many like-minded individuals passionate about working in the domain of SRHR, and became aware of amazing interventions globally that create impact and are scalable across geographies.”

Tushar Singh Bodwal

Phil Harvey SRHR Innovation Awardee

“The capacity built, knowledge and skills gained through my participation and attending the International Conference on Family Planning #ICFP2022 in Pattaya, Thailand, has helped strengthen my confidence as an advocate because of the deeper understanding of my roles, position and responsibilities to contribute to the change desired.

I am, more than ever, so much more committed to continue being among the FP change agents fostering an enabling environment for Family Planning for individuals, communities and countries and cultivating a culture of advocacy and accountability, which is the cornerstone of resilience. Thank you International Conference on Family Planning. #FPforAll

Susan (Nakhungu) Sindani

ICFP 2022 Youth Trailblazer

ICFP Youth Photo Highlights

ICFP 2025 Heads to Bogotá, Colombia!

Mark your calendars for ICFP 2025 taking place 3–6 November 2025 in Bogotá, Colombia! Learn More about Bogotá and all the ways Colombia is advancing family planning and SRHR goals.