Dr. Samukeliso Dube’s COP 28 Insights 

Exploring Climate, Health, and Women’s Empowerment

At COP 28, FP2030’s Executive Director Samukeliso Dube shared critical insights, emphasizing that climate, health, and gender equity are interconnected.
Dr. Dube highlighted the urgent need to strengthen climate-resilient health systems, focusing on investments in SRHR for women’s reproductive autonomy. The conversations focused not only on the “why”, but also on practical strategies for reaching hard-to-reach populations.
In her engagement, she highlighted the near-term impact of climate change on women’s and children’s health, emphasizing resilience-building with a focus on women. During her presentation, Dr. Dube highlighted the unfortunate correlation between climate change and an increase in child marriages, emphasizing the need for investments in health as part of any solution to the problem of climate change.
The first Health Day at COP brought together over 50 ministers and 120 health ministries. Dr. Dube’s presence and advocacy underscored the need to act now in order to create a better and more inclusive future.

Below are her expert SOUNDBITES from COP 28.

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      How can the climate community do a better job of centering women and girls? 

      How do COP 28 funding discussions impact the sexual and reproductive health of women and girls?

      With family planning being widely accepted as a building block for climate resilience, why do you think it is being left out of the conversation?