Augustin Harushimana

Midwife, The Midwife in Action’s Association : MAA VYARA UHEKE

I am Augustin Harushimana and i am a Christian, I was born on October 9th 1988 at ITEKA, MWARO Province in BURUNDI, i was finished my studies In 2017 in health sciences option’s Midwifery at the University Institute of Health Sciences and Community Development in Bujumbura and i am fatherless single and 4th in the siblings of 6 children, two of whom are no longer alive.

I have been a health care provider at Ukwizera Health Center in Bujumbura and a midwife in charge of mother-child health care in the framework of the improving the health in my village in up country at the Misuhuko Medical Center. I am also a Midwife provider and in charge of health information data at the Friends Women’s Association since 2017 ; I am President and Founder of The Midwife in Action’s Association MAA Vyara Uheke Burundi since 2019 which is a member of ICM, I am also Selected as a Young Midwife Leader by The International Confederation of Midwives in YML program 2022-2023.

I want all women of childbearing age in Burundi to be in contact with midwives and I work tirelessly by monitoring sexual and reproductive health from infancy from 9 years old I am already starting with sex education and I follow up with young people, couples in preparation for marriage, pregnant women and their partners, breastfeeding women and their children, I provide medical support in general for women of childbearing age in Burundi as a Midwife.