Dr. Jacqueline Fonkwo

Youth 2 Youth

Jacqueline Fonkwo is a Medical Doctor with four years of clinical work experience. She is also the co-founder and the CEO of a youth-led organization called Youth 2 Youth. She has been outstanding in advocating for improved adolescent healthcare while collaborating with other organizations in Cameroon, especially in the conflict-affected regions of the country. Since 2017, with her blend of clinical and community-based practice, she has impacted over 5000 young people through inclusive FP/SRHR knowledge sharing. She is also Cameroon’s Youth Focal Point with Family Planning 2020, a 120 Under 40: New Generation of Family Planning Leader, a Mandela Washington Fellow, and a member of the International AIDS Society. She is a co-chair of the youth sub-committee for the international conference on family planning 2021. Jacqueline is a commonwealth scholar and is currently studying for an MSc in Global Health at the Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh, with a research interest in comparing successful family planning programs for adolescents in East and West Africa. Her current work is harnessing the role of technology in disrupting stereotypes on adolescents and youth FP/SRHR information and service access in Cameroon and beyond.