Dr. S.K. Sikdar

Government of India

Dr. Sikdar, a medical doctor and post graduate in public health, is a passionate advocate of public health. With more than 36 years of experience, he has been a note-worthy proponent of population stabilization and reproductive health. He resurrected, rejuvenated, revived and stabilized the National Family Planning Programme of India by providing visionary and strategic leadership. He has made significant contributions to strengthening the health systems in India through his work both as a clinician and a national programme officer wherein he led the Family Planning, Maternal Health, Child Health, Adolescent Health, Immunization and Aspirational district programs. As the Additional Commissioner in-charge, he was instrumental in formulating policies for the Family Planning program and was a driving force in implementation of the country’s reproductive health strategies, expansion of contraceptive basket, pioneering FP 2020 efforts, conceiving FP LMIS (Logistics Management Information System), strengthening Quality assurance initiativeswhich has translated into a positive impact on the masses and in improving the overall health indicators.

Currently in his role as Advisor, RCH in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India he leads Maternal Health and Family Planning programmes which are the central tenets of the RMNCAH+N framework. Through the Maternal Health programme, he is driving various key initiatives such as strengthening the midwifery services and quality improvement and ensuring respectful care to mothers and newborns through various initiatives like ‘SUMAN’, LaQshya etc across the country. In the pandemic era he significantly contributed to India’s effort in driving essential health services and strategizing roll out for COVID-19 vaccine and communications. He has widely travelled covering some of the most backward parts of rural India and the encountered ground realities have been the basis of his contributions to drafting and implementing viable policies & programmes in the country. Dr. Sikdar has represented the Government of India on key platforms both globally and nationally.