Dr. Simon Binezero Mambo

Youth Alliance for Reproductive Health

Dr. Simon B. Mambo is a medical practitioner, researcher and youth activist passionate about adolescents and young people’ sexual and reproductive health and rights. He is daily goal is to make an impact and contribute to the quality of life of young people through advocacy and the delivery of health services. Simon is a Co-Founder and Team Leader of Youth Alliance for Reproductive Health in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Worked in Uganda at Reproductive health Uganda as coordinator of peer educators .

Selected as a video contester winner at the ICFP 2018, and was invited by the United Nations Foundation as a global youth representative to speak up about gender equality in DR Congo. For his endless work and innovation ideas, In 2019 he was nominated as a young leader for family planning. He received the 2019 award for youth advocate in policy and accountability in Uganda. Served as IYAFP-DRC program officer for 2 years. He has 8 years of leadership experience and has held various positions representing the voice of young people both at national and internationally level. Simon uses his skills to amplify the voice of young people in his community. He devotes his life to improving the health and living conditions of young people in the DRC.

His research career has focused on the delivery of health services and the quality of health care. He has published extensively in renowned national and international medical journals. He gives his time in research to improve health in underserved communities.