Margaret Mithamo

Mt. Kenya West Women in Coffee

Margaret Wanjiku Mithamo is the team leader at Mt Kenya West women in coffee (WESTWIC). She’s Trained Agricultural professional with BSc. Agriculture and MSc Environmental Science from Methodist University and Kenyatta Universities in Kenya respectively. Has wealth of experience in agriculture and community work having worked with organizations such as Kenya small scale farmers Association, Coffee Research Institutions,, Women in coffee Kenya and women in coffee Global which largely accounts for her coffee trading knowledge, and now her new engagement in gender and private enterprises in coffee value chain. Her long extensive record of working and networking with coffee farmers, endeared her to them triggering a growing heart towards improving the community’s livelihood and recently Health and Family planning among rural women workers in Coffee value chain. She has been an ardent and a credible advocate of women in coffee. She held various roles in the women in coffee arenas in Kenya out of which was recognized in Global Re:Co; Symposium by the speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA) in 2018. In 2019 the National coffee Task Force and awarded her the opportunity to deliver on the role of gender in coffee in a panel discussion during the international coffee organization conference and exhibition held in March 2019 in Kenya. She has authored/Co publications on coffee farming systems since 2007. She founded the women in coffee social board, a platform for coffee networking that culminated to the legalization of the Mt. Kenya west women in coffee organization with an objective of extensive corporate social responsibility to the women In coffee communities in Kenya, also to enhance profit making activities along the coffee value chain. Margaret has been vocal in advocating for women along the coffee value chain while at the same time leading programs geared towards improving the health and financial well-being of women along the value chain.