Pr. Latif Dramani

CREG-CREFAT University of Thies

Graduate in Economics and Ph-D in Economics from the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, Senegal, Prof. Latif Dramani is Professor of Economics at the University of Thiès and Coordinator of the Center for Research in Economics and Applied Finance of Thiès (CREFAT). Representative of the NTA International Executive Council for Francophone Africa, He is also the Coordinator of the Regional Center of Excellence for Research in Generational Economics (CREG).

Affiliated with several universities around the world (University of Manchester, University of Berkeley, University of Parakou, University of Cape Town, University of Hawaii at Manoa), Prof Latif Dramani carries out research in the following main areas: the development issue sustainable under the prism of the Demographic Dividend and the Generational Economy; poverty dynamics; unpaid household work and women’s contribution to GDP; and finally the national and local integration of economies.