Sesilia Shirima

Sesilia Shirima is a feminist, gender expert, and clinician from Tanzania.Over the past 10 years, she has been passionately involved in advocating for Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.Her work has included service delivery, community work, advocacy, leadership, and facilitation, mentorship both public and private sector. Sesilia holds a Degree in Gender and Development and she possesses a High Diploma in Clinical Medicine.

She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Young and Alive Initiative,An organisation that mobilizes adolescents and youth to actively support and advocate for gender-sensitive Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Justice systems.Young and alive inItiative is Currently the Co-Chairs of the IBP( Implementing Best Practices ) under WHO. Sesilia is also an active member of various women and young people’s movements, such as Women Human Right Defender Tanzania, Tanzania Feminist Forum, DADA rise,Women Directors Forum and East Africa feminist forum.