Sumaiya Akter

HR & Communicator, Light to Life

This is Sumaiya Akter. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a student. Currently, I am doing BA in English Literature at Eden Mohila College in Bangladesh. I am the third child of my parents. In addition to my studies, I am working as an HR & Communicator in “”Light to Life””, a Youth Leader in “”Youth Assembly””, and a Team Member in “”Cyber ​​Teens””. I have a project called “”Less Trash Save World””. I am the leader of this project. I’m also a facilitator in “” Environmental Education Leadership Training””. Moreover, I’m working in SRHR, AYSRHR, and the Family Planning sector. I have been working for my society, my country and my world. I want to spread all knowledge what I know and want to learn from others.