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Bogotá, Colombia Makes History as the First Latin American Host of Seventh International Conference on Family Planning in November 2025

ICFP Global Community Breaks Ground in Latin America: Celebrating Colombia’s Achievements and Regional Insights in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Bogotá, Colombia – [March 25, 2024] – The vibrant city of Bogotá, Colombia has been chosen as the distinguished host city for the seventh International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP), scheduled to take place from 3-6 November, 2025, with William H. Gates Sr. Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, Government of Colombia, Profamilia, and Fundación Valle del Lili serving as co-hosts. This momentous decision reflects the unwavering support and commitment from various sectors of Colombian society, including governmental bodies, civil society organizations, and esteemed institutions, and the ICFP community’s strong support for the seventh ICFP to be held in Latin America for the first time in the conference’s 15-year history. 

ICFP is the largest scientific gathering of sexual and reproductive health and rights professionals  in the world and convenes every two and a half years. It’s a dynamic movement propelling universal family planning access, underpinned by a vibrant community fueled by collaboration, inclusivity, innovation, and scientific integrity. 

“Thousands of delegates coming from more than 120 countries can learn from the experience of Latin America and Colombia in particular about universal health coverage and how comprehensive reproductive health services and demand are successfully addressed. Through the creative of use of the ‘sin’ taxes in combination with solidarity fund, the learnings from the health insurance schemes can provide unique insights into how best the public and the private sectors can play reinforcing roles in advancing sustainable, high-quality health care for its citizens,” said Jose Rimon II, Director of the William H. Gates Sr. Institute for Population and Reproductive Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Chair of the ICFP International Steering Committee.

He continued, “ministers, parliamentarians, policy makers, local government leaders, scientists, researchers, implementers, and representatives from the civil society organizations and philanthropic organizations can adopt from Latin America’s innovations to influence their own countries quest for universal health care.” 

The Government of Colombia has demonstrated exceptional dedication to the advancement of reproductive health and family planning initiatives, with key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Ministry of Equity, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Education actively endorsing and supporting Colombia’s bid to host ICFP 2025. Their collaboration underscores the nation’s collective determination to prioritize the well-being and empowerment of its citizens — especially women and youth.

At the launch of the 2025 ICFP International Steering Committee on 21 March, Elizabeth Taylor, Colombia’s Vice Minister of Multilateral Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remarked, “It is an honor for me to announce that Colombia has been selected to host the seventh version of the International Conference on Family Planning in 2025. The realization of this Conference will take place at a crucial moment for our country, because we are moving forward in generating a change with women in all their diversities, and with the firm commitment to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goal 5, particularly target 5.6 on sexual and reproductive health.” Highlighting the strong commitment Colombia has placed on advancing sexual and reproductive health, she continued, “Our government understands that sexual and reproductive rights extend to sexual and reproductive health, in the understanding that they are implicit in fundamental rights such as equality, free development of personality, information, health, among others.”

Additionally, renowned national institutions including Profamilia, Fundación Valle del Lili, and the Bogotá Secretary of Health have played pivotal roles in shaping Colombia’s progressive approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Their invaluable contributions and steadfast advocacy have laid the foundation for inclusive policies and comprehensive strategies aimed at ensuring access to essential services and information.

“Family planning has been, par excellence, one of the main focuses that Profamilia has led in Colombia. We celebrate that such a high-level event as the International Conference on Family Planning is coming to Bogotá with us. We are excited for what represents a global opportunity to share experiences, knowledge, and continue adding voices and forces for the guarantee of human, sexual, and reproductive rights,” said Marta Royo, Executive Director of Profamilia.

In conjunction with the announcement of Bogotá as the host city for the seventh ICFP, the National Steering Committee for Colombia convened for the first time in Bogotá last week, marking a significant step towards advancing reproductive health initiatives nationwide. Additionally, the collaborative efforts of regional partners including FP2030, UNFPA, IPPF, Save the Children, ICESI University, and the National Federation of OBGYN, have further enriched Colombia’s landscape of family planning and SRHR. Through joint initiatives and strategic alliances, these organizations have championed innovation, research, and capacity-building, driving tangible progress towards achieving global goals.

“As FP2030 launched our newest hub in the Latin American and Caribbean region, we have been inspired by the drive of the reproductive justice movements, the strength of youth leadership, and the power of indigenous voices. We know that they will be a brilliant chorus at ICFP in Bogotá,” shared Maria Paula Martinez, Managing Director of the Latin America & the Caribbean Regional Hub for FP2030.

Colombia’s commitment to advancing family planning is exemplified by its progressive policies which embody a visionary framework for promoting reproductive rights and health equity. These policies serve as a testament to Colombia’s dedication to fostering an environment where every individual can make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health — free from discrimination or barriers.

The significance of this pivotal event is underscored by the steadfast support of various local and national allies in Colombia, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bogotá Convention Bureau, Bogotá Tourism Institute, ProColombia, Agora Convention Center, and the International Airport el Dorado. From facilitating visas for delegates to providing logistical support and promoting Colombian culture, each partner is instrumental in ensuring the success and impact of the conference. In addition to offering state-of-the-art facilities and logistical support, Bogotá promises a rich cultural experience for conference attendees. From immersive tours to cultural performances, Colombia’s vibrant heritage will be on full display, courtesy of ProColombia and other local partners.

As the host city for the International Conference on Family Planning, Bogotá offers a vibrant and dynamic backdrop for delegates from around the world to convene, exchange ideas, and collaborate on strategies to advance the global family planning agenda. With its rich cultural heritage, modern infrastructure, and warm hospitality, Bogotá promises to provide an unforgettable experience for attendees as they unite in pursuit of a healthier, more equitable future for all. 

Join us in shaping a brighter future for family planning and reproductive health as we convene in the heart of Latin America next November for the seventh International Conference on Family Planning.


Jorge Mario Madriñán Tascón, MD, MMgt, Medical Director, Fundación Valle del Lili

“Fundación Valle del Lili and Icesi University, united in their commitment to life, are honored to co-host the International Planning Conference in Bogota in 2025. Our hospital, recognized as the premier institution in the country, stands on the pillars of its mission. Through the innovative Hospital Padrino strategy, pioneered by Fundación Valle del Lili, we have extended our reach to over 230 hospitals across Colombia. Our efforts focus on advancing educational initiatives that strengthen sexual and reproductive health rights and reduce maternal mortality rates, aligning closely with the objectives of the International Conference.

Fundación Valle del Lili proudly represents the dedication of healthcare professionals nationwide, underscoring the significance of public-private partnerships in Colombia. Both our institutions, Fundación Valle del Lili and Icesi University, are steadfast in our pursuit of equity and excellence for the women and children of our nation.”

Dr. Samukeliso Dube, Executive Director, FP2030

“We are so excited to see ICFP land in Colombia, which has been an incredible beacon for sexual and reproductive rights in the region. It should come as no surprise that one of the co-hosts of the conference, Profamilia, was also one of the first FP2030 commitment makers in Latin America. We firmly believe the family planning movement has much to learn and energy to draw on here.”

Paola Piza, Director of Convention Bureau, Greater Bogotá Convention Bureau

“According to the Greater Bogotá Convention Bureau at Invest in Bogotá, the city’s central location in the Americas offers unparalleled access to major cities on at least three continents. This central location not only shortens travel times for international attendees of meetings, events, and business engagements. It is served by El Dorado International Airport, a major hub in the Americas and the primary axis for Colombia, offering more than 90 direct flights, including 51 international ones. 

Bogotá is also known for its modern infrastructure capable of hosting various types of events, boasting over 150 versatile event spaces suitable for 10 to 4,500 people, highlighted by Colombia’s first integrated district for fairs and conventions, which includes the Agora Convention Center, Corferias Exhibition Palace, and Hilton Corferias, along with over 25,000 hotel rooms for all budgets and preferences. Bogotá is a vibrant city, a cultural and natural tourism destination displaying contrasts from historical art and urban culture to an incredible gastronomy scene.” 


About the International Conference on Family Planning:

Since its inaugural event in Kampala, Uganda in 2009, the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) has become a pivotal catalyst in global reproductive health. This world conference is a strategic inflection point for nations, institutions, and individuals seeking to pledge commitments and celebrate successes in family planning and reproductive health. More than a conference, ICFP has evolved into a digital platform resonating with researchers, health equity champions, governments, and communities alike. It’s a dynamic movement propelling universal family planning access, underpinned by a vibrant community fueled by collaboration, inclusivity, innovation, and scientific integrity. ICFP stands as a testament to our shared commitment to shaping a world where every individual’s reproductive health is safeguarded, and where the principles of partnership, progress, and empowerment illuminate the path forward. 

ICFP is made possible with support from the ICFP Core Organizing Group—Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation,  United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), United Nations Foundation (UNF), Family Planning 2030 (FP2030), Population Services International (PSI), Marie Stopes International (MSI), International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), Department for International Development of the United Kingdom (DfID) and Government of Canada, as well as the International Steering Committee, comprised of more than 75 partner organizations, and the Colombian National Steering Committee.

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About William H. Gates Sr. Institute:

William H. Gates Sr. Institute, based in the Bloomberg School’s Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health at Johns Hopkins University, works to promote and cultivate new ways to accelerate locally led progress in gender equity and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Together with local partners, the Institute identifies ideas with the greatest promise for impact on the greatest number of people, especially in under-resourced and marginalized communities. The Institute’s new name honors the late William H. Gates Sr. (1925-2020) and his inspirational role in philanthropy and lifelong contributions to improving global health and health equity. 

About Profamilia:

Profamilia is the main private non-profit organization that defends and works for the guarantee of human, sexual, and reproductive rights in Colombia through the provision of specialized services in sexual and reproductive health with its more than 50 clinics, innovation in Comprehensive Sexuality Education, and the offer of a broad portfolio of products that seeks that all people enjoy their sexuality and exercise their reproductive autonomy.

About Fundación Valle del Lili:

Fundación Valle del Lili  is a high complexity  hospital located in the city of Santiago de Cali, Colombia, with  42 years old, it has established itself as a national and internationally recognized  hospital. It is a private, non-profit entity that provides highly complex health services, it is located among the 162 best hospitals in the world and, as a university hospital, it is ranked 32nd among the best in the world, accredited with excellence since 2017. It is based on in its missionary pillars such as medical care, education and teaching, clinical research and innovation and social responsibility; Focused on the constant search for excellence, it has a wide portfolio of health  services, cutting-edge procedures, a clinical research center,  5 locations, 2 hospitals and 3 outpatient campus and centers of excellence.