By Esenam Amuzu

FPNN Reporter, Youth Advocate, ICFP2022 Youth Trailblazer.

We need young women in the supply chain field.

Pamela Steele, Founder of Pamela Steele Associates, is excited about creating avenues for young people—particularly young women—to enter the supply chain profession. She says, “it’s so important for us to have an inclusive workforce, a diverse workforce.” By having women in the supply chain, they will be able to better anticipate the needs of other women.

Pamela believes young people should be given the information and tools needed to enter into the supply chain profession, not just for employment but to be able to be in positions of decision making that influence the reproductive health products affecting them personally.

All reproductive health supplies needs should be met, and Pamela emphasizes they should be met sensitively. The people who make up the supply chain portion of the wider sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) field should be a reflection of the communities they serve.

“By engaging and empowering girls on the move in the field of supply chain, we not only pave the way for a brighter future but also unlock the potential for transformative change in an industry that thrives on innovation and diversity. These young minds hold the key to reshaping the supply chain landscape, infusing it with fresh perspectives, and ensuring a sustainable and equitable tomorrow.”


Pamela Steele, Founder of Pamela Steele Associates

I will be here all week to report on why youth participation in supply chain solutions is so important and how young people can be part of the equation. Stay tuned to my social feeds and check back to this page for more of my RHSC coverage!

Watch Esenam & Pamela’s conversation below!