Shifting Power & Advancing Equity in Population Health 

Webinar Series

The public health field has been engaging in efforts to better understand the historical power dynamics and shift power. Colonialism and its legacy are part of our shared human history. The social structures, funding models, and knowledge generation practices that define global health are rooted in a history of inequality, exploitation, and racism. For the population health community, this is also a history of coercion, population control, and eugenics.

Calls to address these legacies continue to fall short, challenging the community to think and act critically to address them. These actions hold the potential to bring historically marginalized individuals to the table as contributors and spur rich conversations about “decolonizing knowledge.”

Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science (IAPHS) and the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) are collaborating to create interactive virtual spaces to explore the question: what can we do to shift power and advance equity in population health now?

Part #1: Historical Legacies of Family Planning, Population Health, and Development

2 November 2023
11 AM – 12:30PM ET
Hosted in English & French

In the first session, we started by discussing how this work to shift power in global health is progressing currently and how we got here. We reflect on the historical legacies of family planning, population health, and development broadly and how they impact the systems that we are working within today.

Featured Speakers:

👤 Vincenza Mazzeo

Ph.D. Candidate; Fellow,
Johns Hopkins University

👤 Dr. Annabel Sowemimo

Sexual & Reproductive Health Registrar; Academic; Activist; Writer,
Reproductive Justice Initiative

👤 Goodness Odey

Public Health Practitioner & Researcher; Power Shifting Subcommittee Co-Chair,
International Conference on Family Planning

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30 November 2023
11 AM – 12:30 PM ET

In the second session, we will showcase an example of how power shifting works in practice. We will then draw on the expertise in the room and engage participants to identify actionable next steps that they can take to shift power and advance equity in their organizations and working relationships