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FPNN Media Briefing Series

How the Climate Agenda is Failing the Reproductive Health and Rights of Women and Girls.

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COP 28 presents an opportunity to increase awareness about how climate change is impacting family planning (FP) and accessing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and products. Although there is ample data and proven examples that support this critical link, it is often overlooked in global discussions and excluded from national climate action planning.  

During the session, we will unpack the link between climate change and FP / SRHR and will showcase key data and localized stories that help to bring this session to life. The aim is to encourage the audience to create content based on local context while tying it to the conversations taking place during COP 28. 

This virtual FPNN Media Salon is geared towards journalists, content creators, communication professionals, and anyone who is interested in reporting on how the reproductive health and rights of women and girls is getting left behind in climate action planning. 

Expert speakers will be announced soon. 




New date coming soon. 


Virtual Zoom Meeting with Q&A


Part 1
Understanding the link

Part 2
Supportive data to help tell the story

Part 3




Taking Stock: Sexual and Reproductive and Health and Rights in Climate Commitments: A Global Review

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Publisher: UNFPA, Queen Mary University of London

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