“At a time when most Thais avoided discussing safe sex and family planning, Mechai Viravaidya promoted condom use with spectacle and humor, saving millions of lives.”

via the New York Times

Since the 1970s, Mechai Viravaidya has led groundbreaking HIV/AIDS prevention activities throughout Southeast Asia and has made an enormous impact on Thailand’s fight against overpopulation.

Known as “Captain Condom” in Thailand, Mr. Mechai has helped change the stigma around sex in the region. His work promoting easier access to contraception in fun and creative ways—from condom blowing competitions to family planning “supermarkets”—has undoubtedly saved lives.

Mr. Mechai is founder and chair of the non-governmental organization Population and Community Development Association (PDA), one of the hosts of the 2022 International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP).

Learn more about Mr. Mechai’s incredible contributions to the family planning & sexual and reproductive health field in a recent story by Seth Mydans in the New York Times below.