By Esenam Amuzu

FPNN Reporter, Youth Advocate, ICFP2022 Youth Trailblazer.


We need to hear from young people what advocacy issues are important to them.

Amos Mwales is the new co-chair of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) Advocacy and Accountability Working Group (A&AWG), which “links global and country level advocacy, in the areas of policy, finance and programs, to create an environment favorable for scaling up equitable access to a wide range of affordable and high quality RH commodities.”

Amos says he feels strongly that young people’s advocacy is needed in the reproductive health supplies space. He believes young people’s involvement should be cross-cutting, across all work-streams and implementing mechanisms.

For this reason, Amos expresses that he would love to see more young people in the Advocacy and Accountability Working Group to know what issues are important to them. “In terms of products, resources, and also in terms of the wording we are using in the areas of contraception and family planning,” he says.

“”When you ask me where young people belong, they belong everywhere.”


Amos Mwales, Co-chair, RHSC Advocacy and Accountability Working Group

I will be here all week to report on why youth participation in supply chain solutions is so important and how young people can be part of the equation. Stay tuned to my social feeds and check back to this page for more of my RHSC coverage!

Watch Esenam & Amos’s conversation below!