ICFP invites abstracts in cutting-edge research, advocacy, and family planning programming

Abstract submissions are now being accepted for the 6th International Conference on Family Planning, the world’s largest convening of SRHR & FP experts. The 2022 ICFP will be hosted in-person in Pattaya, Thailand, and virtually, from 14-17 November 2022.

Scientific Abstract Resources
Learn to design a successful scientific abstract for the International Conference on Family Planning & beyond.

ICFP invites abstracts on cutting-edge research, program, and advocacy results directed at enabling individuals throughout the world, especially in low-income areas, to achieve their contraceptive and reproductive intentions. Abstracts using strong scientific/evaluation methods will be given priority in the review and acceptance process.


Develop a Successful Research, Program, or Advocacy Abstract for ICFP

Fully develop an abstract for the International Conference on Family Planning and learn about three categories of abstracts: Research, Policy & Advocacy, and Program Implementation.

This Not Without FP Forum session focuses on the key elements and important considerations for authors to create a more competitive abstract for ICFP and other scientific conferences.


Orientation Guide: From Abstract to Journal Article

An Orientation Guide on Converting a Conference Abstract into a Successful Journal Manuscript

The ICFP is an opportunity to showcase high-impact or best practices in family planning programs, policy, and service delivery. Browse ICFP’s scientific writing courses – all courses are free of charge, downloadable, and desktop and mobile optimized.