By Esenam Amuzu

FPNN Reporter, Youth Advocate, ICFP2022 Youth Trailblazer.

The supply chain is an extremely relevant field for young people today.

RHSC Supply Fellow Mary Arubuola has a robust skill set, and multiple degrees, in public health. However, her specific role within the broad, expansive field wasn’t immediately clear when she was first starting out her career.

After some research, she soon found the perfect fit in the supply chain field, where she is able to problem solve and tap into her passion for connecting people with the health commodities they need.

Mary now works in strengthening reproductive health supply chain systems by meeting with various stakeholders to figure out how to get provisions to users more effectively at every stage of the process.

She believes it’s important to deliberately engage other young people in this field, as they may not know all the important components it encompasses. “It starts with advocacy and awareness,” she says. “People cannot be involved in something they don’t even know about.”

Older generations need to have someone to pass the baton to when it comes to reproductive health supply chains. It’s an excellent opportunity for young people to step up.

I’m expecting to gain depth in my knowledge on RH supply chains, have conversations on what young professionals like me can do, network and gain a better idea of the several career paths in the field of supply chain.”


Mary Arubuola, RHSC Supply Fellow

I will be here all week to report on why youth participation in supply chain solutions is so important and how young people can be part of the equation. Stay tuned to my social feeds and check back to this page for more of my RHSC coverage!

Watch Esenam & Mary’s conversation below!