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COP 28:

Members of The Family Planning News Network (FPNN) will be tapping into conversations during COP 28 to report on how climate change is impacting family planning and reproductive health. Follow their coverage below.  

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COP 28 + Family Planning & SRHR reporting is powered by the journalists and content creators who belong to the Family Planning News Network. 

This coverage consists of news stories, video reports and quotes that spotlight the connection between climate change and family planning and reproductive health. The coverage is curated from the content and news produced  by members of the Family Planning News Network.  

Soundbites by Dr. Samukeliso Dube
FPNN sat down with FP2030’s Executive Director Samukeliso Dube shared critical insights, emphasizing that climate, health, and gender equity are interconnected.

FPNN Media Briefing
This briefing provides the audience with a high-level background on covering the link between climate and SRHR. 

Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng on Global Citizen 

UNFPA report sheds light on climate & SRHR
“Giving birth to another child is not in my plans anymore”
New UNFPA report finds sexual and reproductive health omitted from most national climate plans

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